1. Swat-Kohistan Women Education Project: In 2012-13 IBT has implemented this project for 2000 adult women in the Torwali speaking area. Under this project 50 Women Education Centers were established in the villages where the women would come and learn to write and read their language Torwali and Urdu. Along with the bilingual literacy this project also included basic math, social and cultural studies and women issues. The project was financially supported by the USAID under its SGAFP program.

2. Developing children course books in Torwali:

IBT implemented this initiative in 2013 with the support of the National Geographic Society. Under this program IBT produced course books in Torwali for the grades 1 to 5 along with a bilingual (Torwali-Urdu) pictured dictionary for the students.

3. Preservation and promotion of the Torwali language & Culture project:

This project was implemented by IBT in 2015. It was financially supported by USAID under its Small Grants and Ambassador Fund Program. Under this project IBT proceeded and published three books and a music DVD of Torwali. The books are a trilingual dictionary in Torwali—Urdu an English, a daily usage conversation book in Torwali, Urdu and English; and a book of the Torwali folktales in Torwali, Urdu and English.

Under this project a music DVD of the Torwali endangered music named “Manjoora” was produced and distributed among the people of Swat-Kohistan.

4. Simam Indigenous Culture Festival:

In July 2011, soon after the Taliban insurgency in Swat, IBT held a three day festival in Bahrain Swat under the name of Simam. This festival was supported by the then government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

5. Dialogue and seminar on the languages of north Pakistan

In February 2011 IBT held a two day seminar and dialogue on the endangered languages of northern Pakistan. The event was held in islamabad with the support of the British Council Pakistan.