The purpose of this page is to write and read Torwali. Language can progress by reading and writing. Through this page the Torwali brothers and sisters will learn how to read and learn their language, Torwali.

This page contains books, essays, papers and magazines. You will also find your own writing here, too.


For the revitalization of the Torwali language Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT) has so far done some good jobs.


Initially we developed an alphabet book of Torwali along with a primer. Side by side we also developed books of how to read and write Torwali. After that course books for children were developed in Torwali by IBT. These books include math books, listening and reading stories, rhymes for children and others.


Some of the old poetry of Torwali was presented in a book form with Urdu translation; and recently IBT developed and produced a trilingual (Torwali, Urdu and English) dictionary, a daily usage conversation book in Torwali with translation in Urdu and English. Another good book of the Torwali folktales (Koo Koo Bacha) was published with Urdu and English translation.


We hope to keep our work go ahead. We expect the same from you as well.

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