Swat Kohistan

The upper hilly idyllic narrow valley in the district of Swat is known as Swat-Kohistan. It includes the beautiful valleys of Bahrain, Kalam and Madyan. It has a total population of more than 300,000. 
Swat-Kohistan is inhabited by the Torwali, Gawri, Gujar, Qashqari, Oshojo and Pushtun communities. The Torwali community is in majority here. 
Swat-Kohistan is blessed with overwhelming natural beauty. In term of area it is more than one half of the entire Swat district. 
Famous places in Swat-Kohistan are Bahrain, Kalam, Ushu, Madyan, Bishigram, Chail, Mankiyal, Gurnai, Utror, Mitiltan, Gabral, Mahi Dhaan, Kandole Lake and so forth. 
It is visited by thousands of tourists in summer.